The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) is in charge of ensuring that Ohioans have access to competitive energy rates. It does this by facilitating energy choice and maintaining adequate, safe services for its customers. Consumers can use a tool known as the PUCO Apples to Apples energy comparison chart to find out about the different offers from certified electricity suppliers. Compare ohio electricity chart allows consumers to sort by price, rate type, renewable content (Ohioans have access to nuclear, wind, hydroelectric and solar power), term length and fees.

The PUCO website also provides information about natural gas rates for Ohio residents and businesses. In addition, the PUCO website has information about other topics such as your rights as an energy customer, how to file an appeal or complaint, how to get disconnected from service and how to read your electric meter.

As a result of deregulation, Ohioans have the option to choose who supplies their electricity and/or natural gas. Millions of people have taken advantage of this option and saved on their energy bills by switching to a new supplier. Choosing a new supplier is simple, and the PUCO has a tool called Apples to Apples that compares various offerings from certified electricity providers. The PUCO site is regularly updated and makes it easy for consumers to search for the best plan for their needs.

The PUCO Apples to Apples Ohio energy comparison tool is useful, but it’s not the most thorough way to compare energy options. The randomized order of the list is only one piece of the puzzle, and you’ll need to dig deeper for more information about the specifics of each offer. Using other comparison tools like Electricrate can help you compare and select the right Ohio electricity supplier for your home or business.

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