Those who think that yoga is just another form of physical exercise and movements which help with certain physical advantages and makes our body look better know very little about yoga, the meaning and purpose of yoga is so much more than just stretching and exercise, while you see people stretching their arms and legs and doing certain yoga poses it is mind that is doing the exercise, that exercise is not physical rather it is about connecting with your inner self and this is why yoga is considered as the best sort of meditation which will bring mindfulness and help you restore a balance between soul and body, when I initially learned a few yoga techniques and had the basic knowledge of the most popular yoga styles I made the common mistake of thinking that I have mastered the art of yoga, and it was only a visit to Marianne Wells Yoga Retreat that changed everything.

Yoga TeacherMy entire perception of how I see and approach is now different, I not only find myself getting more out of my yoga sessions but after getting certification from the yoga school, I can now safely say that I can teach people in a much effective manner, if you are someone who has a growing interest in yoga and you think can take it upon as a career then waste no time and get in touch with Marianne Wells and start with your yoga teacher training program.

Why you would want to get yourself enrolled in a program which charges you when you can learn things for free? This is the argument you get from people who want to learn yoga for themselves but you should spend the money on a decent program as an aspiring yoga trainer.